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The advantage of this analysis is that while it may seem long and difficult when you start, it takes less work time. As as it gains experience, we know more teams and their operation, this work will become an update of the latest information.

The player must have scored more points than his opponent once all the balls have been pocketed. It is necessary, with a tail and a white ball reach the other balls in order of value. Generally there are 21, including 15 red worth 1 point each, and six others, including one yellow 2 points, green 3 points, 4 points 1 brown, 1 blue 5 points, 1 rose 6 points and 1 black 7 points.

The first player is drawn and must bring a red ball and alternate between red and colored ball. The first shot for a player always a red ball, then he should announce that he is ball. When there are no more red ball balls are drawn in the order of values.

In case of a tie, the player who shot the ball is white and tries to touch the black ball has been replaced. Whoever wins the black ball is then the winner. There are some mistakes to avoid in a game of snooker. Touch a ball, whether red or color, is a mistake that costs 4 points or the value of the color ball. The colored ball is placed in the game but not the red ball. The cue ball must not fall into the holes, it is replaced and the player loses his turn.

Do not put more than one ball in the hole. In this case, the colored balls are replaced but not the red. As in the first case, the penalties vary depending on the value of the ball. These rules apply to full snooker is played with 15 red balls, but also short snooker is played with 10 red balls and mini snooker is played with three red balls.

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