Free Sports Betting Codes and How To Use Them

Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing entertaining activities that many people seem to be involved in today. People don’t need to be physically present in the game before placing their wager over the sports. With the internet available to all and online sport betting sites in place, there is no need to go to local betting shops. Once in a while, sport betting websites offer free betting codes to their customers.

Every sports betting and casino has its bonus, and they vary based on the online sports betting website you are on. In this article, we have highlighted popular sport betting bonuses and how to make use of them.

1. Reduced Rake - most sport betting bonuses come in the form of a reduced rake, meaning a better payout with little or no cut on your bet than the sports betting site would normally take. It is most advisable to go for a bet once you see a reduced rake; it shouldn’t be missed.

2. Deposit bonuses – this is very popular across casinos and sport betting sites. You can get about 100% bonuses from each of your deposits. Some criteria should be met before you can access your bonus, and be sure to read the terms and conditions attached.

3. Welcome bonuses are given to new bettors; this is to increase their interest in the bet. When you stumble on a welcome bonus, do not hesitate to place a bet with it.

No-Deposit Codes

This doesn’t require you to deposit money before you before claiming your bonus codes. This no-deposit code is used to play games; also, the cash is yours. It is easy to gain access to no-deposit games. Sign up for a no-deposit casino to claim your bonus. Players stand a chance to win big cash, and you can play without the risk of losing your money. You get to try out casino games and test run the casino features before deciding to deposit. All these benefits are available to new and skilled players.

Top Online Casinos That Offer Free Sports Betting Codes

Not all casinos offer free betting codes, but the below-mentioned casinos offer the best info about free codes on They are;

1. 888 Casino – this is a classic casino that offers over 540 games. New players can get a 200% welcome bonus of up to £400. They participate in slot games and also offer free betting promo codes.

2. Club World – one of the top online casinos that offer a 300% bonus of up to $3,000. They also offer free bonus codes.

3. Planet 7 – planet 7 offers new players a 200% welcome bonus offer on any amount with promo codes to win more and attract the casino.

4. All-Star Slots – this online casino offers a 400% bonus of up to $4,000. This is a very attractive offer. To back it up, they surprisingly have bonus codes.

5. Golden Nuggets – new players can get a $20 free play bonus. They also offer a match bonus of 100% of up to $1,500.


Sports betting is the new recreational trend with lots of websites. Casino owners and sport betting owners are looking for more ways to draw traffic to themselves, hence the need for free betting or promo codes. Free betting codes and bonuses will make people more attracted to the casino. With all that is said above, you now know casinos that offer free betting codes and attractive bonuses both for new and skillful players.

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