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Betting handicap (or spread) at a sporting event, if a competitor is objectively inferior to the other, the bookmakers can add him an advance (in football, it will be one or two goal lead ). In the example below, if you bet on Lyon and they earn only 1-0, your bet is lost. Correct score betting, you have to predict the final score of the game. This exercise is very difficult, it can earn you big if you have good intuition.

There are still a multitude of paris called "paris simple" as the mark / not mark (which is simply to bet if a team will score a goal during a meeting or not) when the first goal (how to bet slice 10 or 15 minutes will be scored the first goal of the game).

The first / last goal (which of course you must indicate which player or which team will score first or last), the bet number of goals (where you have to bet on the total number of goals during a meeting - a derivative of this type of bet is the more / less or you predict if the total of goals will be higher or lower than that proposed by the bookmaker) par / odd (whether the total number of goals will be an odd or even number).

The margin bet (bet on the final goal difference between the two teams) or the wager winner (for predicting long-term winner final of a major competition, such as the 2009 Champions League or the World Cup 2010).

This method is more risky than the previous one because it is based on the subjectivity of the gambler: it does not guarantee winning consistently. It is in fact identify a dimension offered by a bookmaker that seems higher than it should be, according to you.

That is to say that the outcome of the sporting event still seems safer than the bookmaker thinks. It is possible to make a value bet if the odds offered by the bookmaker multiplied by your own probability is greater than 1.

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