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We advise you not to rely not on very low scores (less than 1.1) or those that are too high (greater than 6). In the first case, be careful because you are not immune to surprise your expectations of earnings are low. In the second, unless you have a great chance, you take risks rather inconsiderate. Our "best" is one that would be between 1.5 and 2.5.

Finally, it takes some time before the bookmakers reflected what happened in the ratings. Depending on the means to follow the event (streaming on TV or radio), there is a few seconds delay. For fastest you, you can enjoy to bet on an event which is surprising but nevertheless happened before to see the ratings change. However, some sites in paris suspend a particular action: a goal, a penalty, a red card, injury, etc ...

The smartest bet is the 20th in the 65th minute. This allows you to have a clearer picture after the match. It is also clear that at these times the odds revved. If you wait too long, they will eventually fall.

A good tactic is to bet on a tie when the team is good but can still not win and score goals because of a defense very consolidated. There is also the double or quits. If the team on which it has chosen to focus its rating was increasing because it is losing.

You have two options: either you "release" the case to limit your losses or you continue. You can win a lot or lose everything. The best bet is undecided on a meeting where both players have an equal chance of winning. To you be your instinct to win! 

You can bet on the victory or defeat of your team, or even a draw. Other forms of paris are noteworthy, although they are often more risky.

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