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Odds are prepared by experts: experts in sports a hand in order to assess the probability of winning each player or team according to his season, his current form, And experts in economics and secondly because whatever the result sports bookmaker must try to make a profit. The risks are very measured. Finally, the bookmakers can change the dimensions to the beginning of the sports event, according to the elements of which they are aware, as a wound for example.

The odds are always offered by the bookmaker before you can place your bet. In this way, you can calculate your potential profit when good prognosis. In the example below, the bookmaker believes that Manchester is the favorite team and a draw even more likely to produce a victory for Chelsea. However, if you decide to bet € 50 on Chelsea victory and that this occurs, your gain will be 50 x 3.10 = € 155, a profit of € 105 (gain - up).

This system is called decimal odds, which is the standard used in Europe. It is possible that you can meet the other two scoring systems: the fractional odds and American odds. The fractional dimension is used in Britain: it indicates the potential benefit directly. If you bet on Chelsea € 50, your profit will be 50 x (21/10) = 105 €.

Finally, the American side is more complex: it indicates that you would realize the benefit for up to € 100, while a negative score indicates how much you need to wager (ie, how much you will have debt, where the "-" sign) for € 100 profit.

Bet "double chance" as the Lotto Foot, you can bet on two possible outcomes of a game. You have two times more chances of winning, but of course, to the extent that the possibilities are reduced, the odds are much lower and your winnings will be too. In the example below, you can bet on a combination 1N (Lyon win or tie) to increase your chances of winning. If Lyon win or draw, you win your stake multiplied by 1.12.

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