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In the state of the texts and jurisprudence, only competitions organized on the territory benefited from this law and only for operations on that territory paris by authorized operators. In view of these objectives, the exercise of thought with operators outside the territory prostate makes sense.

Broadening the debate of this legal instrument to other territories of the Union has been engaged by the European Parliament and is reflected in the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the Union on the protection of competition sports. Such an extension would enhance the effectiveness of the device in terms of trade between the organizers and operators would lead to a de facto extension of the base of the right to bet.

The paris sports differ from casino, poker or bingo because they are based on a prediction of the results. The rating is calculated for each site from statistics, and corresponds to what is called the prognosis. The prognosis varies from one bookmaker to another, so for the same sporting event scores will generally differ by site. It is recommended to register on several sites and compare odds before betting, to have a clear idea of the probability of the sporting event, and then choose the site with the most favorable rating.

There are two methods of calculating dimensions: the decimal odds, also known as European odds and fractional odds, also called English or American odds score. In contrast, the bet is more risky, more gains are higher if we just saw. If you bet 10 € on Marseille and Marseille wins, you receive € 18.9 (10 X 1.89), an increase of € 8.9. By cons, if you bet on Bordeaux.

The rating corresponds to the inverse of the probability of the event. For example, if 55% chance that earns Marseille meeting, the odds for Marseille is 1/0, 55, or 1.89. Bordeaux is the rating of 1/0, 45, or 2.2. The higher the rating, the lower the probability that the bet to win, but in this case the gains are lower.

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